Q-What social opportunities are there for residents?  Will someone make me participate if I had rather sit in my apartment?

A-We have an Activity Director that plans and coordinates a monthly calendar filled with life enrichment activities, as well as activities just for fun.  Some activities require that you sign-up in advance.  We do things like monthly birthday parties, holiday parties, Yoga classes, trips to the grocery store and Wal-mart and sing-a-longs.  The residents also coordinate weekly bingo and poker games.  All activities are opened to all residents and everyone is encouraged to attend but no one is every required to attend an activity unless it deals with lease changes or other important information.  We also have a Service Coordinator that helps plan special speakers, blood pressure checks, trips to the farmers market and other enjoyable activities.  In addition, there are always residents sitting around in the common areas playing card games or putting together puzzles.

Q-Do you have security?  Is it safe living at Episcopal Place?

A-We do not have a security guard on staff.  However, we have measures in place such as security cameras, alarmed and monitored entrance doors (after hours and on weekends), and well lighted parking lots.  Everyone is encouraged to keep their apartment doors locked at all times because someone from outside can be let into the building by any other resident or visitor at any time.  Each resident is responsible for their personal safety.

Q-I don't have a car.  How can I get my errands done and get to the doctor?

Medical transportation is offered as a free service two days a week but you must make a reservation in advance as soon as you know you have an appointment.  This transportation service can be used for doctors visits, treatments, dialysis treatments, therapy appointments and trips to the pharmacy.  We also offer several opportunities each week for residents to ride the Episcopal Place van to the grocery store, pharmacy and bank. 

Q-Do  you provide personal care services?  I may need help getting bathed and dressed in the mornings.

A-Episcopal Place is a Senior Housing community and therefore does not have care givers or clinically trained personnel on staff.  If residents need personal care assistance, they are encouraged to hire someone from outside or we have staff that can help find assistance through home-health or hospice as long as the resident qualifies for these services.  

Q-I don't have a cell phone.  Are there telephones in each apartment?

A-Residents are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own telephone service.  Telephone service is not included in the monthly rent.

Q-Do you serve meals at Episcopal Place?  If so, is there an extra charge for meals?

A-We do not have a commerical kitchen at Episcopal Place but staff coordinates for meals to be catered in from outside vendors for the noon meal.  Residents pay $5.00 per meal and meals must be ordered in advance.

Q-What if I fall or get sick, how do I get help?

A-Everyone should try and call 911 during any medical or fire emergency.  In addition, residents are given a pendent to wear that can be activated during any type of emergency when assistance is needed.  This service is provided at no extra charge to the resident.  We do not have staff on site after regular business hours, holidays or on weekends.

Q-Do you have a nurse or doctor at Episcopal Place?

A-No, we do not have any clinically trained personnel on staff.

Q-Is there someone that can help me with my bills and checkbook?

A-There is a Service Coordinator (Social Worker) available to offer assistance with personal finances.

Q-Do you have to be an Episcopalian in order to live at Episcopal Place? 

A-No.  People of any faith or no faith at all are welcome and invited to live at Episcopal Place as long as they meet the criteria set forth by HUD (Housing and Urban Development)

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