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Fundraise for Virtual Gumbo Gala

Thank you for participating in Virtual Gumbo Gala and supporting our local restaurants.  Each year Gumbo Gala accounts for 1/3 of the programming budget at Episcopal Place.  Please consider becoming a fundraiser to help us make up the difference of not having Gumbo Gala during the pandemic.  Fundraiser can easily join our campaign on Facebook and also have their own fundraising page on our website!

All individuals and teams that fundraise will compete for our Most Fundraising Trophy!  The trophies will be awarded at our celebration party with Margeaux and the Cat's Meow, once the pandemic is over and life gets back to normal.  We think that a Gumbo Gala trophy would look amazing in your home!  Just complete the form below and we will be in touch with you about fundraising opportunities.  

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