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Year End Giving

One of society’s most important responsibilities is to ensure that our seniors live out their lives with dignity.  Nothing is more fundamental to that dignity than having a place to call home. 


The 145 people who make their home at Episcopal Place have lived rich lives; teachers, flight attendants, farmers, soldiers, business owners, and homemakers, from all walks of life.  They have been the caregivers taking care of their spouses, their children and grandchildren.  Now at this time in their lives, they need to be cared for.  Without Episcopal Place, these needs would might go unmet.  Many would live in isolation and some would face premature moves to nursing homes or even be homeless.

The mission calls us to provide housing and access to related services in a home-like environment.

With your gifts, our mission becomes your mission and that mission becomes a reality.  What was just housing miraculously becomes a home, a home filled with a sense of belonging and care for one another.  Episcopal Place is a place where you can love your neighbor.

Thank you for your continued prayers and investments.  We hope you will be a part of making Episcopal Place more than just housing and will include us in your season of giving.  Donations can be made online by clicking the link below.

With gratitude,


Tim Blanton                                                                Aspen Burgess

Executive Director                                                      Development Director

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