Year End Giving

This year hasn’t quite been the roaring 20s that we hoped for.  The historic pandemic has opened our eyes to deep injustices in our society, and is also teaching us to be thankful for what we have.  At Episcopal Place, we are grateful for you, and your continued prayers and gifts. 


We met several challenges this year with the pandemic, an Easter flood with over four inches of water in our lobby, several renovation projects on this 40 year old building, and the loss of our only fundraiser, the Gumbo Gala.  In the face of it all, our residents and staff have moved forward with the graceful wisdom of knowing that this too shall pass.


We share precious moments of joy, laughter, and life every day at Episcopal Place.  I invite you to read the stories below, reflective of just one moment in time.


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It’s 2:00 and Catherine has just received birthday gifts from St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, as well as several phone calls and flowers.  The last couple of years have been tough, with the loss of her son and several health issues, but Catherine is grateful for caring neighbors and free services that help her live independently. 


Anna is in the library, on a zoom call with her son who lives in France.  She is feeling down because he cannot visit for Thanksgiving, due to the pandemic, but also grateful that the staff has taught her how to use zoom and stay connected with family.  Anna is also looking forward to the Thanksgiving meal provided by Episcopal Place this year and her son is relieved, knowing that his mom has a wonderful place to call home.


Preston is rushing to the veterinarian because of a health scare with his yorkie.  Within an hour the dog is better and Preston has already received a call from Episcopal Place staff, asking if they are ok, and offering to help pay for the vet bill with grant money from The Remy Fund, for emergency pet needs.  Preston just moved into Episcopal Place a few weeks ago, and is reassured that it’s one of the best decisions he has made.

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Episcopal Place is home to 145 senior citizens and adults with disabilities.  Our residents live on very limited budgets and for most, monthly expenses are within a few dollars of their total income.  Without Episcopal Place and our ECares program, many of our residents would live in isolation with unmet needs, and some would experience homelessness. 


We are grateful for your investments that make our services possible.  As the holiday season approaches we hope that you will include Episcopal Place in your year-end giving.  Donations can be made at, or with the enclosed return envelope.  Your investment will make a difference in the lives of Episcopal Place residents.


Our mission began with the breath of God, and it is through helping others that we experience his boundless love.  One of society’s most important responsibilities is to ensure that our seniors live out their lives in dignity; nothing is more fundamental to that dignity than having a place to call home.


On behalf of the Episcopal Place residents, staff, and board of directors, we wish you a safe and joyous holiday season, and a better new year.  May we approach the coming weeks with the lens of Advent and Hope, and with our hearts open.


May the peace and light of the season be with you always,



Jamie Whitehurst

Development Director