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The Episcopal Place community is made up of two separate buildings both of which are located at 1112 26th Street South.  The buildings are located side-by-side and connected by an enclosed walkway on the second floor.

Episcopal Place I has 95 one bedroom units (587 sq. feet) and 5 two bedroom units (675 sq. feet). Ten units are designed for persons with mobility impairments and 10 more for those with hearing impairments. Episcopal Place II has 41 one bedroom units (504 sq. feet). Four units are mobility accessible and 4 more are for those with hearing impairments.

Episcopal Place is a nonsmoking property.  Smoking is strictly prohibited on property, including gardens and exterior space.

Applicants may apply by calling or visiting Episcopal Place for an application or by downloading the online application.  Please click the buttons below to download the Housing Application, Building 1 Selection Criteria, and Building 2 Selection Criteria.





Applicants for an apartment at Episcopal Place must meet the following criteria:

Episcopal Place Building 1: The Head of Household  must be 62 years or older OR 19 or older with a mobility or Hearing and need the features of an accessible apartment.  Annual Gross Income cannot exceed $42,960 for a one person household and $49,120 for a two person household. (2021)

Episcopal Place Building 2: All Head of Households must be 62 years or older regardless of disability.  Annual Gross Income cannot exceed $26,850 for a one person household and $30,700 for a two person household.  (2021)


The income limit is revised by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annually.  HUD requires all applicants to have a Social Security card, birth certificate, and a photo ID as proof of identification.  Please include copies of these items when submitting your application.

Monthly rent includes all utilities except telephone and cable and is calculated as 30% of your adjusted monthly income, with adjustments made for out-of-pocket medical expenses for chronic medical conditions.


Residents may opt to have cable television from Spectrum for only $15 per month.  The package includes one cable box and over 200 channels.  The monthly fee of $15 per month must be paid with rent.  (For example, if the residents' monthly rent is $300 and they opt for cable television, their monthly rent will become $315.)  Any additional services via Spectrum including extra channels, extra cable box, phone, internet, etc. will be paid separately by the resident.  

A credit report, criminal history report and landlord reference, if applicable, is completed for each person listed on the application. If all parties meet the admission criteria, the applicant is notified that she/he has been placed on the waiting list. There is a separate waiting list for each building however you may be placed on both waiting lists if you meet the criteria.  Episcopal Place I has 45 units with balconies. However, apartments with balconies are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and cannot be requested or transferred to after a resident has moved in.

HUD requires that 40% of vacant units in EP I be rented annually to persons with “extremely low income”.  Therefore, depending on the resident make-up, a person with “extremely low income” may be placed at the top of the waiting list.

If you are offered an apartment and you are not ready to accept it and move in, you may decline. You will remain on the waiting lists; however you will be placed at the bottom. After the third decline, you will be removed from the waiting lists.  Individuals who have been removed from the waiting list after three declines may submit a new application and be added to the waiting list again.

*Annual Income is calculated on gross income prior to adjustments.

Building 2:  1 BR / 1 BA / 504 SF
Building 1:  1 BR / 1 BA / 584 SF
Building 2:  1 BR / 1 BA / 504 SF
(Accessible Unit)
Building 1:  1 BR / 1 BA / 508 SF
(Accessible Unit)
Building 1:  2 BR / 1 BA / 675 SF

Our monthly rental rates are based on income and include utilities.  Most residents pay $200 - $600 monthly, depending on their income.


Our free supportive services make it possible for EP residents to live independently.  


EP residents enjoy an active life with daily activities and events, morning exercise, socials, and weekly faith-based services.

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